Download this fun, free Thanksgiving BINGO Printable and keep the kids busy while you finish up Thanksgiving dinner!

Thanksgiving Day is always a frenzy of activity with last-minute dinner preparations.   Keeping the kids calm and entertained can sometimes be a little overwhelming, right?

Get the kids set up with this fun Thanksgiving BINGO Printable and you won't have to worry about having them running through the kitchen.

HOW DO YOU PLAY BINGO? 1. Choose one player to be the "caller" - he or she will choose the small cards and call out the picture. For example, pumpkin.

2. Each of the players will use a marker of some kind to cover up the pumpkin square. 3. The winner is the first person to have 4 squares in a row covered and calls out "BINGO!"

PRIZES FOR BINGO Visit your local dollar store or the Dollar Spot at Target and look for items such as: – stickers – small toy animals – pencils and erasers

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