This new trend has everyone excited and for good reason. Instead of building gingerbread houses, why not liven up your next holiday party by serving your guests a cocoa charcuterie board?

This Christmas-themed charcuterie board is bursting with fun ideas of how you and your guests can build their own decadent mug of hot chocolate!


This hot cocoa charcuterie board is a great way for you to sit back and relax after assembling your favorite hot chocolate add-ins.

So why settle for ordinary hot chocolate this holiday season when you can enjoy a DIY hot chocolate made from a hot chocolate charcuterie board?

More inspiration – mini marshmallows or large marshmallows – white chocolate bark – cinnamon sticks – caramel sauce – chocolate syrup – graham crackers – whipped cream – coconut flakes – ground cinnamon – white chocolate cocoa bombs with candy cane pieces

Making your own hot cocoa bar is such a fun way to celebrate on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, or anytime during the winter season. You can customize this for birthdays or even Valentine's Day!

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